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My name is Sasha Osypenko, and I’m a Ukrainian-born business coach based in Germany. With a background in systemic and solution-oriented coaching, I’ve spent the last five years as an Agile Coach, helping individuals and teams streamline their work processes and improve their communication. Being a committed member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I fully adhere to their Code of Ethics and professional standards in coaching.
My mission is to inspire and empower people through compassionate support and empathy, using effective coaching tools to help them achieve their goals. 
Whether you’re seeking to grow professionally, adjust to a new role, switch career direction or navigate a new phase of life, I’m here to offer you support and a space to explore, create and attain your objectives. 

You will benefit from coaching with me if you:

Seek self-discovery and personal growth

Are involved in startups, agile practitioner or entrepreneur

Are junior manager, freelancer or aspiring self-employed professional

Are navigating life as emigrant or digital nomad

Here are some topics
we can explore together:

  • Job change
  • Professional reorientation and growth 
  • Adjusting to a new role or tasks 
  • Developing management skills 
  • Improving communication and team positioning 
  • Nurturing personal growth and development 
  • Enhancing self-presentation skills 
  • Adjusting to life abroad
    (what does being an expat mean, connecting with yourself, finding a sense of belonging in a new society and overcoming loneliness) 

For agile practitioners, I offer specialized sessions focused on adapting agile practices to optimize work routines.

Special offer for Ukrainians in Germany 

If you’re registered with JobCenter, you can receive a voucher for 50 hours of free coaching with me. 
I can help you not only improve your resume and prepare for interviews but also explore deeper topics that may have previously been overlooked. For instance, we can discuss your career aspirations, identify what may be holding you back, and develop a plan to achieve your goals. 
Forced emigration is another topic we can address, exploring how to adapt to a new society, find your place within it, and overcome feelings of loneliness. 

My competencies and experience
that you can rely on:

  • systemic business coach with training accredited by the German Coaching Association (DCV)
  • member of International Coaching Federation
  • have offered more than 400 coaching hours
  • 5 years of media experience, including work in front of the camera, on stage, and on air
  • 5 years as an Agile Coach
  • Event and workshop moderator
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Professional journey from media industry to IT
  • 10 years of emigration and experience as a digital nomad
  • Proficiency in 5 languages (coachings sessions are offered in three: English, German and Ukrainian)
  • High self-reflection skills and understanding of group dynamics (7+ years of personal and group therapy)

Building trust starts with a first contact. For that I offer you a free 20-min introduction session


At a critical point in the my startup company, when we started to assemble our team and working flows, Sasha tremendously helped us in organizing ourselves and have proper communication among our team. She helped us in our agile practices and workflow leading to higher efficiency and saved us from a ton of mistakes.  

Hemen Showkati 
Co-founder and CEO, Doprax Cloud Platform

Working with Sasha has been super helpful, not only for my professional life, but also for my personal development. Sasha is a very empathetic listener and intuitively knows to ask the right questions to uncover my blind spots. 

Sasha helped me build up the confidence to follow my passion and show up in the world with my gifts. 

Julia E. 
Self-employed yoga teacher and nutritionist

Working with Sasha was very useful. After the session, I was able to clearly prioritize and choose the vector that I needed at that particular moment in time.

Tetiana G.

Thanks to my work with Sasha, I have already launched the Camper Kit UA project from scratch during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It was coaching with Sasha that helped me to clearly formulate goals, tune into the result and fix the future plan without missing anything!

The project has already begun to work efficiently, not only bringing production back to life in Ukraine, but also helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine and launching the development of a new successful industry.

Pan Cory
founder of Camper Kit UA

When we first started working with Sasha, it was about complete fear and total misunderstanding of what to do with life and work in a new country for me. After just a couple of meetings, confidence emerged. Sasha delicately opens your eyes and teaches you to live your own life and turn your dreams into reality (transforming them into money). I wholeheartedly recommend Sasha as a mega professional and a very empathetic mentor.

Mariia І.
Ukrainian expat in Germany, Jobseeker